October 13, 2009

Progress at the Farm - Home Rennovations

This is the kitchen at the farm with honey oak cabinetry, woodwork and floors with dated wallpaper from the 80s. We removed the soffits above the kitchen cabinetry, replaced the oval flourescent light above the bar and removed all the wallpaper.
Another view of the kitchen with mold growing on the front side of the island that you can see if you look closely - this house definitely had it's problems.Today the main level of the house has been painted in a soft gray and the honey oak woodwork has been converted to a shade of white. The kitchen cabinetry has been painted black and distressed with a hand rubbed finish. Now the floor seems to give the room warmth balancing the cool shades of gray and black.

This is the livingroom area with huge stone fireplace. You can't really see the floral wallpaper in this photo but, trust me it's there. We stripped the wallpaper, skim coated the walls and painted them in a soft gray.
We replaced the victorian style ceiling fan with a darker more modern version and added dark leather couches to balance the fireplace in the room. That's Molly, my Jack Russell terrier perched on the back of the couch in the center of the photo.

This is one of my prized furniture pieces that Martin Towe built for me for the informal dining area out of cypress salvaged from a 100 year old farm fence. It still scents the room with a fragrant pine smell after almost three years.
A wine rack will be installed under the cabinet on the left side where the basket now sits. The other side will remain open.
Doesn't my china look wonderful in this cabinet? All I need is more ironstone pieces - some platters, etc. in the area where the ironstone pitcher with flowers is sitting.
The next project will be upstairs bedrooms that still need wallpaper stripped. Ugggh... our winter project.


Esther said...

wooooooooooooooooow::!!! beautiful changes!!! i love the new style!! good job!!

Dorthe said...

What a fantastic great work you have done in your home, I love the fireplace, and how you have filled the room with wonderfull furnitures, it looks so cosy, and beautifull ,-thanks for showing.

Hugs Dorthe

Lori said...

Molly looks like she is trying to bring a little of the white from the woodwork into the seating area...what a good girl:) your home looks lovely!!!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

It looks like the rooms are enormous. How I would live all that apace. You have done a wonderful job. I'll bet you are proud of yourself. And the doggie looks so comfy.

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

You guys deserve a huge pat on the back for those projects. Your kitchen is gorgeous! What a change! And your pine hutch is such a treasure.

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

nicely done- I may steal some of your ideas!