October 20, 2009

Repurposing Knit Sweaters and Tshirts Into A Floral Hat

I made this little flower adorned hat for my niece, Tasha from repurposed clothing - a lavender turtleneck, a gray embroidered t shirt and a cotton floral skirt. This is an easy project and perfect for cast off garments from your closet.

The first step is to remove the turtleneck portion of the knit shirt. This becomes the hat itself once the cut end is gathered together becoming the top of the hat. Flower blossoms were made from circles cut from a gray t shirt and a floral cotton skirt in varying sizes.

I arranged the circles from large to small and stitched them in place with a needle and thread gathering the flowers a bit to give them dimension and ruffling the edges giving them the appearance of flower blossoms.
A braid was made from the gray and floral cotton to trim the edge of the hat with a smaller flower to conceal the two ends where they were joined together.
The gray rosette was made by taking a long strip of t shirt fabric pulling it out creating tension which rolls the fabric in on itself. I then wrapped the strip around and around to create the rosette and then stitching it in place. A leaf is made by cutting a leaf shape out and straight stitching it in place.Seed beads were added for a little sparkle and interest and the hat is complete. Tasha loved her new hat and I think it is a perfect way to keep her warm this Winter.

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Lee W - The Way I See It said...

Oh I LOVE it, great job.

Lori said...

Julie, what an amazing up~cycle...that is the cutest hat ever!!!