July 9, 2009

Tree Stump End Table

Another oak tree down, it's the third one in the past year.  The trees are all over 120 years old and are hollow on the inside and are falling over with the Summer storms.

We cleared away all the limbs and the smaller part of the top of the tree which left the base which is 3' in diameter and about 14' in length.

Dan managed to get the tree cut into large stumps for me.  They are wonderful and just the right size to make coffee tables, plant stands and end tables out of.  I might even paint a checkerboard on one of them for the kids. 
I also plan to put casters on the bottom of one of the stumps for my studio with my anvil bolted to the top for metalworking.  It will be perfect and easy to move with wheels attached to the bottom.
An end table in progress that will need to be sanded and sealed.  Casters added to the bottom will make it easy to move about from room to room.  The block is 24" x 18" x 30" and really heavy - about 150 pounds of solid oak.

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