June 8, 2009

Wine Cork Trivet - Repurposing

I collect the corks from wine bottles as mementos of special occassions like anniversaries, birthdays, dinner with friends, etc.  I just can't bear to throw them away.  I began dropping them into crocks and glass containers, but after ten years that's alot of corks.....
On a trip to Napa Valley for a wine tasting tour I saw these trivets in a gift shop and thought it was an incredibly brilliant idea.  My corks could finally be put to good use and this is a great repurposing idea.  A functional creation that I would actually use!  

You local hardware store will have the metal hose clamps - just select the size appropriate for your trivet.  My trivets are approximately 8" in diameter.

Begin placing the corks inside the trivet until they become snug, adjust the height of the corks so that the top of your trivet is flush so your hot kettles will not topple off the counter top.  Once you have jammed the last cork in place, just tighten with a screwdriver to secure them in place.

These trivets make great gifts for wine lovers along with a nice bottle of wine.


niartist said...

I think that this is one of the best ideas I've seen for wine corks! I too, have collected them through the years, and though the collection I've amassed isn't enough to really do much with, I think I could make 8 or 10 of these trivets. Great photos - gorgeous ideas. Beautiful.

Jodie LeJeune said...

Awesome idea Julie! I love this!!!!
This just makes me want to drink more wine...off to the store I go!
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