May 28, 2009

Altered Book Round Robin - Marilyn Healy

The second installment in the Lyrical Interpretation Round Robin Altered Book exhange by Marilyn Healy, a uber talented collage artist from Utah.  You can see more of her work here on her blog:  Outside The Lines

Maryiln selected a song from the soundtrack of the movie, "Twilight".  She highly recommends the book series as so many other avid fans available - HERE.
The artist sign in page where each artist will lay claim to their finished pages for Mariyln's book with a little extra room to add a few well wishes and references to their blogs so that each artist can learn a little more about the exchange participants.
Marilyn added tiny illustrations to point the way and typewriter key numbers representing the five participants in the Round Robin.
Another illustration pointing the way to the sign in and then the other to the first page in the altered book that is constructed from a vintage 45 record album which is the perfect book for the Lyrical Theme.
This is one of Marilyn's pages setting the tone for her book - giving the following artists  clues as to how she would like the book to look and feel.  She used a very large button as "the moon" on this page suspended over the opening for the record label.
Closer view of the buttons, vintage paper and illustrations of a girl and a boy holding hands.
I love this page - it is my favorite in the book so far the image of the man with his dog with the black wings is so haunting.
A slightly closer view - look at the eyes.....
The adjoining page to the man with the haunting eyes - features dried flowers, a moon illustration, vintage paper from a book, tree silhouette in the background and a young girl holding flower seeds in her hands.
"I am going out to see what I can sow."  So nice with the seeds falling from her hands.
Tammy Lucik's contribution to the book has vintage maps, buttons, feathers, vintage lace, a cloaked image against a moonlit shy with the signature apple from the movie and ribbon containing the lyrics.
Another angle of Tammy's page - I love it!  It's that moon.

Lyrics - "And I don't know what I'll see."
Tammy's second page for the book with little boy photo, vinage crochet doily with key, blue medallion moon with dragonfly, vintage tape ruler, map, wallpaper and more vinage lace.
Close up of the key and crochet element on Tammy's page.
Lyric:  "But, I'll try to bring it back."

Little boy with buttons on his pants.
This is my contribution to the book featuring vintage sheet music, pages from books, an image of a group of men and women with a wire loop, a feather encased in glass, vintage matchbook, and metal drawer label with Going Home in vintage paper.
Glass encased feather wrapped with brass wire.
Lyrics:  "Like the morning sun your eyes will follow me." 

I wrapped this wire loop gadget to add focal interest to the man in the middle.
The second page of my installment with red trees silhouetted in the background with the sun rising behind the man's head with his two dogs.  The wings are from a vintage piece of jewelry.
I always like to add a bookmark to the books and this one doubles as a cuff bracelet if Marilyn so chooses to wear it.
The cuff fastens in back with a vintage jet glass button and vintage lace bit.
Lyric:  "As you watch me wander, curse the powers that be."
I love doing there altered book projects as each book is so different than the one before that it is very inspiration to shift your creative mind to the new format of the book in front of you.  I look at the books again and again getting the feel for "it" and then begin pulling bits and pieces out of my goodie boxes, mixing and matching, until I get the desired result.  It's such a rewarding experience and again - Thank you Lee!


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OMG- that flippin' ROCKS. I love your spin on it. I cannot wait to get my hands on it and add my two cents!

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