March 9, 2009

Removing Popcorn Ceilings

Okay, I admit it - I hate popcorn texture on ceilings. Unfortunately, the farmhouse has popcorn texture in every room. As you know, we have been removing all of the wallpaper and one thing seems to lead to another.....

Here are my boys busy scaping texture off the ceilings at the farm. Dan, my hubbie on the left, Ryan, my heart son in the middle and Chris, my son on the right. You couldn't ask for a better work crew.

Ryan had the pump up sprayer strapped to his back - he was the Water Boy, spraying the texture with water to soften it and to reduce the amount of dust flying around. Dan and Chris were the scrapers using mud knives to scrape the texture into mud pans. They worked all day and finished the lower level of the house removing about 250 pounds of texture.

Chris moves quickly on his stilts and having long arms is definitely a plus allowing him to remove three feet of texture with each swipe. He has been running around on stilts for the past 4 years. All those years of skateboarding and snowboarding as a kid has given him a good sense of balance. He even dances to the "man music" playing in the background. Dan's favorite work music is AC/DC. Sometimes it gets to the point that I just have to get out of the house for a little while - and let them work. That's when I go do some junking.

Monkey shines - Chris was born with a grin on his face and keeps us laughing through the pain of removing texture.... only five rooms to go...

Here are some of the things I found on my junking jaunt....

13 yards of vintage lace, a tiny porcelain bird from Japan, a rhinestone coin purse, and a vintage embroidery hoop in the perfect shade of gray.

Great illustration from a vintage book, aged wide ruled paper and a ledger from 1895.

Porcelain rabbit, vintage turquoise blue lace and a book of maps from 1943.

Have a Mice Day! vintage tin - how cool is this???

Speak No Evil, See No Evil & Hear No Evil - vintage porcelain pigs from Japan in the palest shade of sage. I have seen lots of monkeys, but never pigs.....

Tiny doll dress made from vintage feed sack cloth in pink floral.

I also found men's vintage pajamas in my size, a handknit Fishermans sweater with hood, and various leather items that will be recycled into jewelry.

AND....when I returned from my Junking Jaunt the fellas were finishing up the last room and it was time for me to begin mopping floors and cleaning up the mess. The perfect trade off.

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Lee W - The Way I See It said...

WOW- I love the dancing stilt man picture. I hate popcorn too- esp. the kind with glitter... ever see that? Yeah, go to some of the old homes in Philly- YECH.