December 12, 2008

Secret Santa Sisters Swap

I joined a wonderful artist's group and one of the benefits is the Secret Santa Sister's Swap.  This is the wonderful Holiday package I received from my Santa Sister, Merle from Finland.  A beautiful angel that I can't wait to use in a future project.  For now she is gracing my sideboard.
Wonderful green tea and Peony tea - yum - I adore hot tea and I can't wait to try the Peony tea.  The red bees wax candles in red are so beautiful - they will grace by dining table for the Holidays.
One of my favorites from the package was this music CD that Merle put together for me - I love every song!  Divine.  I listen to it in my office while I work, which makes the business aspect of what I do more enjoyable.  

Merle handcrafted a cover with each song written with lovely mica powders for sheen.  It was so beautiful - the photo does not do it justice.
Lovely pressed viola in a vellum envelope with pressed leaves - I have already used one of them for a collage project.  I'll share with you soon.  Another creation of Merle's.
Vintage photos from Finland - be still my heart!  AND dark, dark, dark chocolate my very favorite.  There was another bar, but it has been enjoyed already.  Delicious.

Each handcrafted item and goodie was wrapped individually in the most amazing handcrafted paper.  I opened each item gently to protect the paper.  I have already used a scrap for a collage piece.
The other side of the pressed violas collage - vintage egg illustration with tiny feathers and the word "wings" on a manilla envelope.  It's beautiful Merle!
A wonderful image mixed media piece featuring mother and child - one of my favorite subjects.

Thank you Merle for sharing your amazing talent and generous Secret Santa goodies - I loved each and every little thing.

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