November 30, 2008

There Is More Here Leather Cuff Bracelet

I love this sassy saying that I stamped onto the copper plate for this bracelet.  It sums up how I feel about women in general - "THERE IS MORE HERE THAN MEETS THE EYE", like courage, grace, a warm heart, an earthy sense of humor, and passion for family and friends.

As a child, I was strongly influenced by my grandmothers - Pearl and Hannah Mae.  Two very different women in age, and personality.  However, they shared a few traits that influenced me the most as I grew up with them.  

My Grandma Pearl was widowed during the Great Depression with three small children.  She was always courageous, hardworking and resourceful.  With the help of her family, she managed quite well in spite of tradegy.

My Grandma Hannah Mae took care of seven children while her husband was called away to serve in World War II.  She was also very hardworking, resourceful and very sassy.  With the help of her family she cared for her children while her husband was over seas.

The copper plate is riveted onto a vintage tooled leather cuff bracelet that is soft and comfortable to wear.

I added pink rhinestones to the sides for a decidedly feminine edge.  I think this bracelet would be perfect for cancer survivors the expression stamped on the front of the cuff sums it up - inner strength and courage.
Another view of the side of the cuff and the sparkly rhinestones glittering in pink.  

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