November 16, 2008

Soul Tickling Moments

This handsome butterfly fluttered into my screened in porch this Summer and posed for some photos before he was gently taken back outside to continue his life's journey.

I marvel at Nature and all it's creations from butterflies to spiders - from hoofed to pawed - it's all amazing to me.  I have that sense of wonder and delight that has been with me since I was a child.  Sometimes I get goose bumps looking at a particularly beautiful sunset and I always remember to give thanks for being in that moment in time.  What a lucky soul to live in such a beautiful world.

However, I too, forget this wonder when life is difficult and I can't seem to find the magic combination that sets things right.  In my frustration and worry I forget to look around me and then suddenly I am reminded ever so gently by a set of fluttering wings.  A winged visitor allows me to grab my camera and capture the moment and my favorite shade of yellow....
I remember the day vividly and when browsing through these images I remember the warm gentle breeze of the day, the sound of the bugs in my flower garden, the song of the birds singing the day's praise and the sound of the leaves fluttering in the wind.  I can remember the thick fragrant scent of Summer and of living things surrounding me.  

The color combinations of Nature are so divine - black, indigo blue, pale blue, butter yellow and sienna.  The black and butter yellow seem evenly divided over the butterflies wings with the surprise of indigo blue at the bottom of the wings and the flash of sienna -  a punctuation of color.  Perfection.

This is why I never use pesticides in  my garden as I am afraid of the loss of butterflies visiting my flowers - and me.  I can't bear to loose these moments of joy the butterflies bring.
I forget everything I am worried about as I lose myself in Nature...  

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