November 18, 2008

Etched Metal Earrings

I thought those birds
were leaves
in the winter moonlight.

Etched metal earrings with black glass faceted beads dangling below handcrafted sterling silver earwires combining for another one of a kind pair of earrings.  

The leaves swirl along the surface of the metal with shades of copper and gold.  I usually etch metal in batches and use the pieces for jewelry when the mood strikes.  Maybe it is the color of the Fall leaves that inspired me to create this latest collection of jewelry or maybe I just like to wear warm hues of metal in the Fall and Winter.

A tiny sparrow on a branch etched into copper for a leather cuff bracelet.  
Originally created for the aerospace industry, dichroic glass has a transmitted colour and a completely different reflected colour, as certain wavelengths of light either pass through or are reflected.  This causes an array of colour to be displayed and shift in color depending on the angle of view.  Always interesting like gazing at a spectrum.

Dichroic Glass combines so well with etched metal.
From the front the earrings are identical in color but look at the slight angle above and shades of blue are visible.  This is the most dynamic pair of earrings that I have made measuring three inches in diameter and 3.5" in length.

Again this pair of earrings shows pink of the dichroic glass on the right and purple on the left as it moves at different angles.  After the metal is etched I like to tint the metal to shades of copper or bronze.  It brings out the relief of the leaves.

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