October 19, 2008

Skateboarding In The Barn Y'All

Ryan is an avid skateboarder - he is on his board everyday working on his next trick.  He spends hours and sometimes weeks learning a new trick - using terms like switch, kick flip, ollie, etc.
To get his skateboarding fix when at the farm, he and his Dad built these ramps for the barn.  Add a couple bales of straw and you have a fun way to get hurt.  We keep reminding him that it is 30 minutes to the nearest hospital.  It doesn't seem to influence him in the least.

Ryan's feet and board as he pops up and over the ramps.  Luckily the barn as a concrete floor in the back half which helps the landings.  Ryan has to use plywood over the dirt floor portion for his approach.
My favorite shot of Ryan standing with his board in the doorway of the barn.  I think this vision will be the one I see in my mind's eye when I think about Ryan.

Silhouette of Ryan jumping his ramps in the barn.
Another silhouette - he makes it look so easy.   My son, Chris was a skateboarder when he was younger but has given it up as he has gotten older.  Ryan swears he will skate into his forties like Tony Hawk.
I wonder how many skateboarders there are skating in barns in the country?
Another great shot of Ryan's skateboard as he sails over the ramp.  

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