October 19, 2008

Painted Vintage Boots

Marcy was inspired by the Paint Your Shoes blog and opted to embellish a vintage pair of boots from the 80s that she wore in Italy while learning how to sculpt marble.  She is unsure of how many miles are on these boots, but there has been enough wear to warrant new heels.
I love the colors of paint, orange, red, gold, sky blue and emerald green.  The medallion on the top of the boot is perfect and so Marcy.
The shaft of the boots have sunflowers and roses with a butterfly.  On the back of the heel is a green shamrock for luck.
Perfect painted boots in the gypsy bohemian style pair so well with her embroidered skirt.  Now Marcy has inspired me to paint an old pair of red boots I have tucked in my closet.  

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Marcella Lally said...

julie, thanks for honoring my boots. I did get the heels replaced and wear them on special occasions. It was great fun painting them and I highly recommend trying this form of self expression. I still need to go out dancing in them, perhaps at a garden party.