July 8, 2008

Rocky Soil Plantings

I planted cleome seeds and here is one of my little seedlings nestled in amoung the rocks. Dan and I picked rock out of our vegetable garden over the weekend and managed to haul fourteen five gallon buckets full out. We barely made a dent. It's rocky soil country.

When I was growing up on the farm, one of my Dad's favorite attitude adjusters was called "If you have so much energy then go out into the field and pick rock." Whenever we would be fighting with one another my Dad would send us out to work. We quickly learned to not bicker around Dad or to ever complain about being bored. We learned to use our time in more productive ways and to self entertain.

Now I am picking rock again on my own land. It made me smile to remember picking rock as a kid. We had to fill the bed of a wagon before we could come back to the house. After passing the blame around a little, we would get busy so we could get back to the house and the air conditioning.

When I lived in South Carolina we had the most wonderful crepe myrtles, magnolia trees and camelias. I have always wanted to plant a crepe myrtle but didn't have a sheltered location at my house in the city. Now that we have the farm, I planted my first crepe myrtle.

This is some of the zinnias I planted from seed, they are just starting to bloom as I planted them late in the Spring. I watered them thoroughly before we left the farm, now it is up to Mother Nature until I return.

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