July 8, 2008

Farm Progress

This is the English Branch a small creek that borders our property. We regularly see large Blue Heron feeding on minnows when we cross the one lane bridge. I love the rock formations of limestone that are worn down from the water that rushes over the top during rain storms. It has a dark slate color and almost looks like granite.

My terriers, Molly and Angus accompany us to the farm whenever we go. They love it there. No fences, just free reign to explore. They usually sleep for two days when we bring them home to recover from their adventures at the farm.

The photo above of the little racoon tucked into a corner is the one the dogs found on the deck. He wasn't very old and they dogs terrified or should I say "terrierized" him. Poor little guy the dogs gave him quite a scare. He would growl, cry in fear, and then growl again.

I scolded and shooed the dogs away from him, but he stayed tucked away in this corner all day. I threw fresh peach slices to him, but he didn't touch them.

He was gone the next morning making a safe get away during the night. I am sure he will stay away from the house in the future after his scare with the dogs. Poor little guy. My parents said that I probably wouldn't be so sympathic when he was eating all of our sweet corn. I think we have plenty to share.

Dan and I finished the next section of the staining project. It took most of the day due to the number of windows that had to be prepped and then painted. As the sun moved West, we lost our shade and it heated up to almost 100 degrees. It was really hot! But, look how nice the stain looks.

This is the next section we will tackle on the next visit to the farm. The balcony portion and then the bay window. It's bare wood in places and really needs the stain to protect the cedar siding. Whenever we finish a day of painting we always think....we have a LONG way to go.

There are areas that are too high for ladders so we will have to set up staging to reach them. Luckily, Dan has all of the scaffolding on hand and available for us to use. He uses it with the historic restoration work we do with his business Pishny Real Estate Services. He is currently working on the Black Archives Building in the 18th & Vine District. It a beautiful building that Parks and Recreation used to use in the early 1900s. It was the horse barn.

After a long day of work, we sit on the porch in the shade and have a glass of wine as the sun sets. On a visit to Napa Valley in California I purchased a case of Pineridge Cabernet. Visit their website at http://www.pineridgewinery.com/. If you are ever in Napa, it's a must see. We uncork a bottle of wine to celebrate our hard work and outstanding results. A nice way to finish the day.>

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