July 21, 2008

Going To The Farm

Going to the farm is very exciting for my dogs, Molly and Angus. Especially when we drive down the gravel road. They know that we are close to our arrival and I always roll down the windows so they can stick their heads out and take in all the smells of the countryside. You can see the excitement on their faces in the side mirror if you look closely.

I laughed at them all the way to the drive to the farm. Angus jumped out the window as soon as I pulled to a stop and Molly had to wait for me to open the door as she is not the jumper that Angus is.

Who wouldn't love a man who does dishes after a great meal??? This is Dan, cleaning up after dinner while I tried to get a good shot of the kitchen cabinets that Martin gave the business to last week.

Martin is the Master of faux paint finishes. He understand wood so well that he just knows how to get the desired effect. The cabinets were honey oak and since the floors and all woodwork are honey oak, it was just too much oak! So, I had Martin work his magic and he distressed, painted, distressed again and finished with five layers of hand finishing. He said that it was the most difficult finish he had ever done but, felt it was also his best work yet. I have to agree. The cabinets look like they are hundreds of years old. I have to replace all of the hardware at some point, but the cabinets look incredible.
A bouquet of flowers that Martin picked at the house in celebration of my arrival to the farm to see the finished cabinets. Hydrangea, and zinnias in a pottery pitcher.
My lilac swing that I love to sit in for morning coffee and afternoon shade. It's perfect. Thanks to Karen Kessler for selling it to me. It's one of my favorite things at the farm. My Grandmother always had a swing and when I look out my window and see it hanging from the red oak it just makes my heart swell.

Another finished section of the staining project. The guys also worked on the East side of the house finishing the first floor. It looks so good.>

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