June 9, 2008

Farm News - Staining

I found this little fellow at an estate sale in southwest Missouri. He was laying underneath a concrete birdbath and I asked if he was for sale - Yeah, he was at a whopping $2.00. He is know at home under my shrub roses and looks pretty happy in his new digs.

He makes me smile everytime I pull into my drive and see him waiting for me in the shade of the roses.

Now onto the farm update -

Our latest project is staining the outside of the house. Being the do it yourselfers that we are, Dan and I decided to tackle the project ourselves. We bid it out and it was going to cost about $15,000 to have it done professionally.

We started on my future studio space first. Dan prepped the windows by sanding the rough areas, removed the old caulk and replaced with new and the staining began.

Consumer Reports recommended Lowe's Olyimpic Premium solid color stain ose Oxford Brown as the color.

We will still need to paint the gutters to match the paint at the end of the project. I love how the white screens now pop off the windows. The color of the stain ties the roof with the decks and the house blends in nicely with the surrounding oaks. I love it!!! We managed to finish the studio in one day. We started at 8am and finished at about 5pm. The stain was easy to use and had nice coverage. Since it is a latex product the clean up was easy with water.

Due to the condition of the exterior we opted to brush and roll the stain for good coverage.

I am so anxious to get back to tackle the next area of the house. We have decided that it will take 14 days and 30-35 gallons of stain to finish the project.
When driving down the gravel road that leads to our farm, I saw these horses in the pasture and they looked so beautiful that I grabbed my camera and jumped out of the car to take a photo. As soon as this guy saw me get out of the car he ran for the fence to greet me. He was magnificent and luckily a camera ham. The sun was setting on the horizon and it was one of those moments that you give thanks for being alive to enjoy this wonderful world we live in.>

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