June 8, 2008

Brandi Carlile - The Story

A friend managed to get us great tickets - front row center stage for the Sheryl Crow concert at Starlight Theatre last Thursday evening. The best seats I have had the pleasure of sitting in. It made the concert seem so personal with no one sitting in front of you. The expressions of the entertainers were easy to see and you realize how important the audience is to the performance.

Brandi Carlile opened for Sheryl Crow and she blew me away. So much talent in such a tiny frame. She looks like she is 19 years old at most, but is a seasoned 26 year old with lots of talent to spare. A great voice, good stage presence, and a smile that is contagious. Visit Brandi's website for more information. http://www.brandicarlile.com/ I highly recommend her for your Summer listening pleasure. Brandi's MySpace http://www.myspace.com/brandicarlileband

Sheryl Crow kept the concert on track as the storm front approached the Kansas City area. She was very entertaining, her voice sounds as good live as on CD and she seemed to be enjoying her visit to the city. Sheryl has girlfriends in the area and has stayed in touch through her celebrity. She seems like a Midwestern girl returning home.
You notice alot of small details that you would never pick up further back in the audience. Like Sheryl Crows percussionist had a silver teapot windchime he used for one of her songs! I was excited because I make them.

Must to my dismay, Sheryl once again brought up her very public engagement and then break up with Lance Armstrong during the concert. I was hoping she had recovered from the heartbreak, but it just takes time. Sometimes alot of it. Lance has moved onto Kate Hudson apparently. What a guy....
Sheryl looks as great as ever, is a survior of not only failed relationships, but breast cancer. She is tough and that's why she continues to delight her fans. One thing she doesn't share in common with Lance Armstrong.
This is Wyatt, the new man in Sheryl's life. She adopted her new son this year and she looks so comfortable with him. I love the hats.>

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