March 11, 2008

Time Off for Healing

I recently had to schedule an unexpected surgery and will have to close the shoppe until Mother's Day weekend in order to recuperate. Nothing so serious that I won't be my jolly self again, after a couple of months. It is rumored that I will feel so much better that I could be a whirling derbish again when I return!
As you know, we are a small operation with only myself and two part time employees. Since the girls are obligated with school and upcoming travel plans we will just have to close for a short while until I can be in the shoppe again full time. It's the curse of the small business owner.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding as I am forced to take it easy for a short while. All of you gals (and guys) that shop GardenologyKC have made it the success it is today and where would I be without all of your encouragement and well wishes. I can't imagine life without all of you in it.

In the meantime, get ready for lots of yummy herbs during our Mother's Day celebration. Have you considered a tea garden this year filled with herbs for herbal teas? We will be making this event quite the celebration with live music, treats for your Mum, and lots of handcrafted goodies and inspiration. There will be free goodies for the Mom's and discounts for everyone during the event.

Marcy and Rebecca will be busy making lots of handcrafted goodies for you and your garden. I will also be making some things myself and have busily been gathering up supplies to work with while I am at home.

Remember the online store at for your anytime shopping convenience. We will be happy to ship anywhere in the continental United States. My sweet husband, Dan will be taking care of this end of the business in my absence.
I can't wait to see you in May for our Herb Festival in honor of Mother's Day.

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