March 22, 2008

Practical Magic

I enjoy visual movies and one of my favorites is "Practical Magic" starring Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock. The movie is based on the novel by Alice Hoffman.

It isn't necessarily the story line, even though it is very interesting - it is the house and garden that won my heart. The Victorian house, cottage garden, conservatory, kitchen and the shoppe Verbena that Sandra Bullock's character is the proprietor, are all extraordinary.

It's a beautiful movie with a light hearted plot, laced with comedic moments and graced by Stockard Channing and Diane Weist.

Back in 1690, some people believed Maria Owens was a witch. Others claim that she was just unlucky in love. Both were true. And in fact, both traits became family tradition: garden-variety witchcraft combined with sorrows in love, in somewhat unequal proportion. http://www.practical

The shop "Verbena" designed for the movie filled with handcrafted lotions, bath oils and elixirs.

Sandra Bullock's character's love interest, Aidan Quinn.


susie said...

we must be kindred spirits!

i just saw practical magic on tv this past weekend....happened to be under the weather and watched lifetime all day...
i'm in love with the visual ...downloaded pics of it and have to buy it super visual and am always packing to move here or there based on falling in love with what i see there!!!!! found you via searching for a pic of the cliff/ocean/house i saw in movie...want it on desktop! no doubt, you will understand that!

Julie said...

I have seen this movie 20 times and never get tired of seeing the beautiful set designs, the superb acting of the assembled cast... I'm glad you enjoyed the posting.

MsDoanne said...

Thanks so much for sharing your pictures! I have seen Practical Magic millions of times and I still enjoy it immensely. It transports me to this beautiful world, and I absolutely love it. I especially love where the house is located, on an island right off the coast of Washington. Beautiful.

debo.vanvolsem said...

Hello, my name is Deborah, I'm French. I saw Practical Magic (Les Ensorceleuses, in french) many times. I love all in this film, except the bad guy. I love this beautiful house with her garden, her kitchen. I dream to have same house and sames dresses of S. BULLOCK 's caracter. This story is so romantic.
See you later and excuse for my english.