March 11, 2008

Magnolia Pearl in Country Living Magazine

Robin Pearl Brown, the visionary behind the designs of Magnolia Pearl, an amazing talent from Texas will win your heart. My love of hand crocheted doilies transformed into wearable art makes me so happy! Visit the Magnolia Pearl website for more irrestible creations
Look for Pam and Magnolia Pearl in the upcoming April issue of the Country Living magazine.

I saw this sculpture and jumped out of my chair! I have a remenant of a tree at the Twelve Oaks farm and I have been contemplating how to best use it in my perennial garden landscape plan. When I saw this I knew this would be a part of my design. Isn't it something really special? I have no idea who the artist was that put it together but it was a part of the shoot the gals did for the Country Living Magazine. Maybe there will be a clue in the article. If not, maybe Pearl will share the location with us.
I have loads of native stone on my property so all it will take is some "sweat, dirt and skill" to put it together. I can't wait to get started dragging rocks from the nearby fields. I plan to make the house portions with hypertufa. I may have to contact my friend, Steve Hess for a little mentoring on this grand undertaking.

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