February 5, 2008

Thompson Barn Jewelry Show

Growing up on a farm I would naturally love barns. We hauled and stacked hay in the Summers, found new puppies in the hay, milked cows and worked our cattle in our barn at the farm. As an adult, I have had fantasies over the years of converting a barn into a home. The rough hewn beams, the open spaces. I would love it!

My husband and I recently purchased a small farm with the most fantastic barn built in the late 1800's. The barn was built for loose hay in the loft and horses in the bottom. It has a stable along the sides and a large open area for wagons down the center. We won't be converting the barn to a house as the farm has a lovely house, but I have to say we are as excited about this barn as we are about the house.

I plan to put another blog together for our little farmstead and the ongoing rennovations as they progress in the near future. I made my first purchase for the new farm, china from England. The pattern features a lovely pear. The colors in the china match the color pallette I have put together for the house perfectly. I can't wait to set my first table at the farm. Dan, grills the best steaks!

But, more about the new farm later.

Recently I participated in the Cupid's Gems Jewelry show sponsored by the City of Lenexa. Being a Lenexa resident I always try to participate in events in my city as often as I can manage.

I had in mind what direction the design of the table was going to go. A combination of "Attic" meets "Artifact".

I had converted this old coffee urn to a lamp a couple of years ago, and the terrarium in the antique wine bottle was the perfect partner for the lamp.

Karen Kessler was kind enough to lend me the suitcases and metal footstool. Add the great neck forms that I designed and had made by my very talented husband and it was something special. The end result was the talk of the show. We were referred to as the jewelry at the "wood" table.

When I first started designing jewelry, I thought of the type of jewelry I love and can never find. Lightweight, featuring natural materials, simple in design, and elegant jewlery. It's so hard to find. I have always loved the jewelry by Sundance. However, I don't always like their price points! So, necessity is the mother of invention. I began designing my own jewelry line and I have to say that I love it! Thanks to all the great gals that have purchased my jewlery. I get back into my studio this weekend and I can't wait to finish the other designs I am working on.

The assemblage jewelry comes out of my love of vintage materials and my deep faith. I have been a spiritual person since I first attended church as a little girl. My faith is non denominational and I simply believe in the "good" in people. I love icons of all faiths as they represent the "good people" of all faiths. Faith in family, neighbors, friends, and Mother Nature. It's pretty basic isn't it? If you have ever met me you know that I am pretty darn simple. Nothing flashy or complicated here. Just a real Midwestern gal that loves life and sharing that passion for life with others.

I chose to package my earrings in glass vials with corks. I have an affinity for tiny glass bottles being somewhat of a science nerd, I love specimen containers. Great for fossils, seeds, bugs, shells, etc.

I am still working on my bracelet and necklace packaging. Alot of time and effort goes into developing a new product line. Success is always in the details.

The wire tree on this table came from Claire's farm several years ago. I found it in her barn and grabbed it immediately. I love wire and metal trees for not only their form but their function.
I use them year around.

The show was very successful for us and alot of fun to participate in. Debbie O'Connor and the girls from the City of Lenexa do a wonderful job putting events together for the City of Lenexa. Thanks girls for all your hard work and your latest addition - Cupid's Gems. We look forward to participating again next year.

If you have an upcoming event check out the Thompson Barn facilities. I can't imagine a more theatric setting. It has somewhat of a cathedral feel about it. It is reasonably priced and a good value. It would be great for family reunions, luncheons, wedding receptions, etc.

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