April 9, 2010

Peach Tree Romance Necklace

Peach Tree Romance Necklace - Purchase Here

I found this little demetasse plate long ago with the sweet little bird sitting on a limb of a peach tree next to a blossom and fell in love with it.  I immediately thought it would be a wonderful focal point for a long necklace so I pulled out the silver wire and began fashioning a "plate hanger" of sort for a necklace.  I wanted somthing simple so that the tiny plate would be the first thing to catch the eye.

Then the fun began...my sense of whimsy took over and I began hammering copper pieces, stamping a copper penny with LUCKY in tiny letters, a bead was made from a vintage button, a gemstone ring was added, then a bird charm, a copper flower dangle, a black onyx bead, a carved bone bead, another gemstone ring for balance, a lampwork bead and lots of green turquoise.

I suspended all this from a silver chain and the necklace was complete, except for the final vintage Czech glass flower bead to dangle from the little plate Made in Japan from long ago.

It's fun, beautiful and a bit whimsical - just right, don't you think?  It reminds me of Spring with all the peach trees in blossom.  I love this time of year when the birds are singing in the trees among all the beautiful blossoms - bliss...

What have you been working on?  Are the trees blooming where you are - I certainly hope so!!!

Blessings - Julie


NuminosityBeads said...

What a fantastic idea! You really pulled it off.
It's great when a trinket can send you on a creative journey with such successful results. The sweetest little plate too.
I just started collecting the little orphan antique covers to sugar bowls for play tea sets. They're really cool and they've been sitting there beseeching me to create something with them! (although they might be too nipple-y looking for a necklace!)

Alice said...

Julie, that is just the sweetest necklace! I love the tiny plate and find it amazing that you put it to use in a necklace.

I'm not working on anything at this time since I've been working two jobs and have a load of volunteer projects to organize, not to mention family activities.

The trees are all blooming here. They're just lovely, and I adore this time of year!

Thanks for sharing.

SharonP said...

You've captured that giddy sensation when we realize that at long last spring is here! Beautiful necklace!

Beadwright said...

OK now this is what I am talking about. New, innovated, and artistic. You achieved all three.

stregata said...

Lovely work with the necklace!
Our trees are not quite blooming yet, but with a bit of rain and then some sun, we should be there soon.

Lesley said...

What a lovely necklace. You always come up with such origional pieces Julie. Lovely.
Lesley x

Riki Schumacher said...

Oh yes Julie, very appropriate for spring, just darling! Well done. Love the colors. Big hug, Riki

Pearl Maple said...

Fantastic necklace full of colour and wimsy, just lovely.

Pretty Things said...


Electra said...

Oh Julie, I lose myself in the beauty of your blog whenever I visit. Thank you for this treasure. And thanks too for visiting mine!