March 29, 2010

Fabulous Finds from the Weekend

Spring has arrived in the Midwest, the birds are singing, the daffodils, crocus and grape hyacinth are in bloom and "that lucky old sun has nothing to do but roll across heaven all day" a bit from a  Louis Armstrong song...

It's my favorite time of year, as the days grow longer and even the animals seem as delighted as I am with the warmer temperatures - squirrels chasing one another around and around the trunks of trees, birds performing aerial acrobatics in between songs, and the new babies of the pasture - calves, colts, and lambs frolicking about the pasture.  This warmer weather makes you want to kick up your heels a bit.

Apple and Pear Salt and Pepper Shakers - Purchase Here

I love this pewter set of salt and pepper shakers that have the shabby tarnished patina I so love in the kitchen and in my home.  The shape reminds me of my best girlfriends....some of us are pears and some of us are apples in shape that is...and we are always make the perfect pair when we are together.

Autograph Book - Purchase Here

Lovely vintage autograph book holds so many an altered book using the blank pages to create visuals in theme with the prose.. or clip out the words individually for resin or soldered frame work...or just tuck into a display for instant interest.

Hey, did I just come up with a new idea for an altered book swap?

Photo:  Taschen

Crocus - nature's first hint of Spring are lovely tucked into tarnished silver sugar bowls, cups, or cake tins.  Beautiful in the kitchen in a sunny window.  Visit your local greenhouse to find them in bloom.

Vintage Printer's Block - Purchase Here

I love this old printer's block that features three scenes of children going about their day...sharing candy with one another on the left, having lunch in the middle and saying the evening prayer on the right.

This little block would be fun used with polymer clay - featuring just the feet or hands, faces, etc.  or stamp away with an ink pad... lovely aged wooden backing allows the stamp to stand on it's own for a table top display.

Silver Swan - SOLD

Lovely silver swan with so much detail would be lovely on your desk to hold paper clips or in the bath to hold Q-tips...a visual reminder that their is a graceful swan living in all of us.

Photo:  Taschen

I adore lamb's ears, a plant from the garden with wonderfully soft leaves covered in silvery fuzz.  So, I was instantly in love with these little Easter eggs with lamb's ears held in place with a simple string.

Brownie Vintage Camera - Purchase Here

Vintage cameras have so much character and fit nicely on any shelf display.  Celebrate your passion for photography by displaying this vintage camera with your favorite "shot".

Fountain Pen Nibs - Purchase Here

These vintage pen nibs are great to add to found art jewelry, altered book projects or assemblage work.  They make great dangles - can you visualize a single word torn from a vintage book decoupaged to the side of one of these nibs?

I hope you are enjoying warmer Spring temperatures where you are...

I am off to meet my oldest son in Chicago tomorrow as he arrives on the train from New York.  We plan to visit the Museum of Art and enjoy the city before we return home to Kansas City.  I look forward to hearing about his recent trip to New York and the Tevas Project that he enjoyed sharing with his friend Jonathon.

Where will you be this week?

Blessings - Julie


NuminosityBeads said...

Once again a fine collection of finds with your great ideas attached to them. I'm in love with your presentation.

Have a great week. Kim

Pearl and Pebble said...

What wonderful treasures! I especially love the egg wrapped in lambs ear:)

Oklahoma Granny said...

Have a wonderful time with your son.

Country Antiques said...

Hi Julie!

I´m so glad that You want to participate in the giveaway that I have arranged on my blog.♥

I love discovering new blogs and yours is just the kind I like. Actually it seem like we have the same taste when it comes to old things. Our online stores contain some very similar objects.=)

I hope you understand my english, it´s been a while;)

Blessings, Matilda

Lesley said...

Some lovely finds this weekend Julie and I always like the way your photograph them - totally charming.

Yes we have pring bursting forth here but unfortunately we have late snow forecast for later in the week so it may well be a white Easter - EEEK!!!

Enjoy your time with your Son.

Lesley x

Lori said...

fabulous finds indeed Julie...i am loving that autograph book...and the wonderful camera!!!

June said...

Julie your finds are amazing as are your pictures of them. Just beautiful.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Hi, Julie!

I will be supervising workmen who are doing spring maintenance on our getaway and without computer access. This is a getaway we have on the market so prayers for its sale to the right person would be appreciated.

Lots of fun things on your site as always. Have fun with your son!


Sheila :-)

Pearl Maple said...

Lovely collection of treasures you have found there, isnt' it great fun to bring new life to these findlings.

Beatrice said...

It would be nice to share a cup of coffee with you in the warm spring sunshine... :-).

How strange, the song you started with (This lucky old sun) I often sang when I was young :-). And... I have the book "Lantlif" you showed a picture of in my book shelf. But unfortunately I have no lamb ears to make such a cute easter egg of... :-).

How many fabulous finds you show us this week, I fell in love with the beautiful swan...

I wish you and your family a very Happy Easter!

Easter Hugs to you