March 15, 2010

Fabulous Finds From the Weekend

Bringing things you love into your home is easier than you might think, if you take a few chances.  What caught my eye about this room is the vintage mirror leaning against a wall that seems to provide a graceful back drop for the marble statue of a woman in a reclined lounging position.  Isn't she magnificient?  The potted bonsai provides a feel of a lovely garden - inside.

On vacation last year we toured Paradise Island which is a part of the island of Nassau in the Bahamas.  On this small island we found a garden filled with marble statues that were so beautiful that I remember thinking that they should be in a museum to preserve them instead of outside in the elements that were beginning to create soft edges on the statues.  The garden was an attempt to duplicate the Gardens of Versailles and it was lovely, and the statues were magnificent. 

Adding them to the inside of your house would be magical...

Another great mirror that architecturally remains interesting no matter the condition, especially when paired with carved horses that were probably children's toys at one point in their lives.  Does this make anyone else want to grab some soft pine and whittle away until a horse emerges?

Jeanne de Arc Living

It's during the last days of Winter that bringing flowers into your home can be so soothing and help drive away the Winter blues.  It's my habit at this time of year to have a bouquet of flowers about while I await the the tulips, narcissis and daffodils in my garden to burst into bloom.  If you have the Winter blues, try it adding some fresh blossoms - I promise it will lift your spirits.

I love this pottery vase and antler inspired candlestick.  I wish I knew who the artist was as I would be purchasing this vase for my home.  It's such a fun organic shape and the prose reminds me of Spring Faeries dancing in the night.
Czech Glass Crystal Necklace - Purchase Here

Don't you love the way this necklace looks draped across these creamy pages?  Maybe it's just me and the bibliophile that lives within my soul....I adore books and must have them around me in my kitchen, living areas, studio and bedroom.  They are my talismans that comfort me and my books continue to give me hours of pleasure each time I hold them in my hands.

Vintage Metal Purse - Purchase Here

This is the largest version of this type of bag that I have found and would make a great evening purse or look great tucked into a table arrangement or used as a prop.  It has the most gorgeous faded silk lining.  I can imagine a vintage photo peeking out from within the purse as it hangs from a peg in a bedroom.

Blue Rhinestone Necklace - Purchase Here

Gorgeous deep blue rhinestone necklace from the late 40's is gorgeous in design and color - this one is hard for me to let go...

Just lovely, don't you think?

Vintage Baby Silver Set - Purchase Here

Beautiful silver plated baby fork and spoon that is so precious.  I love the patina of vintage has such a soothing warm glow.  This set would be perfect for the new arrival in your family.

Large Silver Salad Server - Purchase Here

Love the simplicity of the silver plated salad server in a great design that allows one handed salad service.

I have added these things to my online store for you along with a few other things I found over the weekend.  I hope you have a lovely week filled with warmer temperatures and sunshine.  This could be the week for blossoms!  What's blooming in your garden?

Blessings - Julie


NuminosityBeads said...

You really have a gift for presenting your items. It's like perusing an antique store. Great photos. It pulls you in!


SharonP said...

Lovely and inspiring post, Julie. I love books as well, and they surround me in every room ~ very comforting!

Dorthe said...

Beautifull, beautifull things you found dear, love the blue rhinestone necklace and the silver vare, so lovely things to offer in your shop.

Hugs, Dorthe

Beth said...

Your decorations are just fabulous and your home is beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration.

Deb said...

We honeymooned on Paradise Island in the Bahamas ♥ wonderful weekend finds Julie!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Your weekend finds are beyond wonderful! So so stylish, love them all. Have a great week. xo

Sissy Sparrows said...

I agree, fabulous weekend finds and thankyou for stopping by our blog. We are so grateful for the support that you give us!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Wonderful things, Julie. Your presentations are stunning.

We have a HUGE mirror in our entry--which is tiny--and it is leaning against the wall because we can't figure out how to hang it. Not quite the same, is it?

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Julie, thanks for your wonderful comment! Yes, we had a ball there, and I don't know...might see some New Orleans flavor sneak in every now and then. Your pictures are fabulous. Love that vase also, wouldn't that be fun to look at everyday. Take care my friend, Riki

Esther said...

lovely, lovely!!! i love the miror !! such a beautiful and awesome piece!! thanks for sharing!

Pink Heather said...

I totally love the idea of a large vintage mirror leaning against the wall. I'm on the lookout for one for my dining room. Love your style!

Lee @ The Way I See It said...

That blue rhinestone necklace would look awesome with jeans and a white shirt! Hmmmmmmmmm.