March 7, 2010

Fabulous Finds From the Weekend

Thank all of you that have entered my Madonna and Child Reliquary Pendant Giveaway, the response has been wonderful.  I'm so glad that you love it as much as I do.  There's still time to enter HERE for a chance to welcome this piece of jewelry into your heart and home.

Now onto this week's vintage goodies for you to browse...

 I found a set of Italian gold leaf nesting tables and love to use them for special displays around the house.  This morning the largest is put into service to showcase the porcelain Ballerina doll that is so pretty with her red hair in a braid that crowns her head.  I call her the Ginger Ballerina in honor of her lovely red hair.  A tiny pink ribbon rose adorns her hair.  She has lace up ballet shoes and the sweetest tutu all in the palest shade of pink.

Ginger Ballerina - Purchase Here
Isn't she fantastic?  She would look lovely in your daughter's bedroom or tucked into a tabletop display like this one.

 Vintage Hand Held Mirror - Purchase Here

I love vintage hand mirrors that are simple in design with a great aged patina like this one.  A creamy ivory handle with a beveled glass mirror that is the perfect base for a figurine, an old skeleton key, Grandpa's pocket watch.... perfect for anything that you want to showcase.

 Bluebirds Gold Framed Print - Purchase Here

I love bluebirds and snatch them up anytime I can find them, which isn't often.  They are highly collectible making them difficult to add to a collection.  This ornate oval gold frame is a great size for a hallway, guest bath, kitchen or office at 8" tall.

How sweet are these little bluebirds with the nest filled with eggs?

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful Spring-like weather, it was 63 degrees here this weekend and sunny.  Perfect weather to get outside and enjoy the fresh air for a change.  My daffodils are emerging from the Winter garden ready to bloom in a couple of weeks.  I get so excited to see them each year, they are one of my very favorite flowers.  My Uncle Dale, stopped by the farm and planted dozens of new bulbs for me last Fall and they are sprouting as well.  I can't wait to breathe in their lovely fragrance.  It's Bliss!

Blessings - Julie


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
Don't even know how I found my way to you this morning! :) All I know is it's good! Do stop by my place.

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

All your finds are really great, but the blue birds are my favorite. They're just too sweet!
Patricia :o)

Stacey Bruce said...

Your blog looks fabulous!! I love the new look!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

You have such a talent for putting things together. This is just lovely, every single thing.

Lee @ The Way I See It said...

Lovely finds. I hope to find some good junkin' places up here. I cleaned out the gardens, and I think I founda peony... I can only hope. One of the gardens is filled with bee balm, so I can't wait for that to come up. Other than that, not even sure if daffodils are hardy up here! LOL. Have a good week, Lee

Esther said...

oh wooooooow!! love the frame with little birds!! so so nice!!