February 21, 2010

Fabulous Finds - Monday

This is the leopard wood dresser in the foyer at the farm, with my very favorite vintage twig chair on the right.  My husband refinished this dresser peeling away layer after layer of dark brown paint.  I personally love painted furniture, but in light colors such as white, gray, light blue,  and even light green.  However, I agreed to compromise here due to the lovely pattern of the wood grain that is so unusual in this dresser.

 Another tabletop arrangement featuring my favorite flowers - white roses.  A heavy cast iron golden filigree mirror, ironstone bowl with candle tucked inside, brass hose nozzles, vintage gold rim eyeglasses in original case, vintage crucifix, rosary from France, wasp nest vintage coral, green vase and bird's nest under glass cloche perched on a silver pedistal. 
 Vintage Crucifix - Purchase Here

I love this vintage wooden crucifix in bronze that is an unusual stylized crucifix.  I've never seen one like this one before.  

 Vintage Gold Rimmed Eyeglasses - Purchase Here

 Vintage gold rimmed eyeglasses in original green velvet and leather case.

Salt and Pepper Shakers - Purchase Here

Vintage salt and pepper shakers like Grandma used to have on her kitchen table.
 Tiny Dancer Ballerina Ring Caddy - Purchase Here

Another vintage ballerina in silver ready to hold your rings in the kitchen or grace your little girl's room.
Hand Embroidery Pillow Cases - Purchase Here

Beautifully hand embroidered pillow cases in buttery soft white cotton.  This set features white roses with blue centers, pink french knots and sage green leaves.  A tatted edge completes a lovely pair of pillowcases that would look great on your little girl's bed or in the guest bedroom.

There you have it, more treasures found in the Midwest, I hope you enjoy them!

Blessings - Julie



Oh my! Love it...

Beatrice said...

Oh, more fabulous finds! :-) I think I missed your post where you wrote about the trip where you found all these lovely things. I must scroll down and read it :-).

Thanks for your always so sweet comments, they always make me smile :-). I hope it´s not too cold where you live in Kansas. Unfortunately, we have an Arctic winter this year, and one gets tired of freezing day and night!

Have a nice Monday!

Many hugs

Lorna said...

Oh my gosh, I love embroidered anything. Those 'buttery white' pillowcases look gorgeous! Yet homey. You have the best job :).