January 31, 2010

Fabulous Finds - Monday

I love this weathered bench with the wooly sheep throw shown in this dining room.   This bench and throw provide a nice contrast to the crisp lines of the tile floor and white walls.  Sometimes you just need a rustic bench to lighten the mood of the room and add a little interest.

I have one very much like this one at the foot of my bed.


Look at these adoreable baby booties from Inredning Etc.  How sweet are these?  I must add - Learn how to felt to my list of things to do.
Image from Skona Hem  

I love butterfly adorned fabric on this headboard, butterflies floating above your head would bring the sweetest dreams, don't you think?

My favorite color right now, the lavender/blue of these hyacinths... I am so in love with it right now.  I really need to visit my favorite yarn shop to find this shade of blue for a summer cardigan or lightweight shawl.
Vintage silver jewel box with the lovliest shade of faded silk filled with vintage saint charms and crucifixes makes me sigh in pleasure each time I walk past the tabletop where it sits at the farm.

Sweet silver basket for your tabletop available in the online store that is beautifully made of woven silver.

Sterling silver pickle forks also available in the online store. - Purchase Here

Vinage crucifix is available in the online store for purchase. - SOLD


Rustique Gallery said...

Hi Julie, Lovely pictures! I really love the rustic bench! And the Hyacinths just warm my heart. Have a great week!


You're so sweet!!!

Hey I'm loving all those goodies. Goodness, I need more mad money. All that stuff floating around in bloglandia, just wish I could get my hands on it all...lol

Hope you have a wonderful week!!!

Dorthe said...

Hi sweet,
what a lot of beautifull finds ,and lovely things to look at.
I love all the old silver you shows.

Hope all is fine with you and your surroundings Julie,I`m going to Copenhagen tonight to help look after my grandchildren.,

Wishing you a wonderfull week.

Love and hugs ,Dorthe

Lori said...

those booties are totally sweet...i love your silver jewel box, that looks really pretty...

OmWeaver said...

Excellent bench... Love the felted booties. Carey felted a market bag that is priceless. Not difficult just time consuming. I'm ready for a trip to the YB if you need someone to go yarn shopping with. >^oo^<

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

What a bunch of lovely things. The booties are darling. I want to learn how to do that too. You surround yourself with beautiful things, making winter more easy to take, maybe.