October 26, 2009

Leather Cuff Bracelet for Peggy

My Friend - Peg

A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway.
Fr. Jerome Cummings

We all have girlfriends that totally get us, they understand why we do the things we do, more often better than we understand it ourselves. You know, those girls that have been a part of the happy times, sad times, sick times, and crazy times. They are the ones you can be yourself around and you know that they will laugh, cry and be there whenever you need them no matter how far apart life takes you. They are the friends that stick around for a life time.

One of those friends, is my dear friend Peggy. Peg came to Kansas to celebrate her mother's birthday recently and during that visit made time for her friends that she left behind when she moved to Virginia. She has "no regrets" making the decision to move to Virginia and is enjoying the single life there much to her surprise. It seems to be a nice fit for her.

Whenever we are together we can't help but rehash our past experiences together - laughing and saying things like - remember when, can you believe we did that, and what was I thinking??? It's alot of fun and we always agree that we have "no regrets" and that we wouldn't change a thing about our past. It is such a part of who we are today - feisty women with a great sense of humor and a passion for life.

At Peggy's request, I made this bracelet especially for her in soft brown leather with a sterling silver plate stamped with "NO REGRETS".

The bracelet is adjustable with a nickel silver peg for easy on and off wear. So here you go, Peg a bracelet to celebrate a life lived with "NO REGRETS". May we always be fearless enough to take a chance, crazy enough to make a bad choice and always have the ability to laugh at ourselves and each other. I hope when I am ninety I can still talk to Peg as we stroll along together arm in arm at the local retirement village.

Peg with one of New York's Finest during our trip to New York City together.

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Esther said...

beautifulo bracelets Julie, i love the red touch.. so clever!! You are right about friendship!!