September 22, 2009

Prevention vs. a Cure - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Breast cancer isn't just for the elderly anymore....think Christina Applegate. Young, seemingly the picture of health - she's a dancer for Pete's sake! Why is breast cancer becoming an epidemic in the United States affecting our young women at a earlier age? I believe it is our lifestyle and the American diet.

With Breast Cancer Awareness month approaching, I wanted to share some thoughts on prevention vs. a cure. Both are valid endeavors, however if you can prevent the disease from happening you can avoid the pain of treatment that lasts for up to year or more and then there's the recovery from the treatments....and side affects of those treatments. If we depend on science to solve the breast cancer epidemic we are putting our health into someone else's hands and the fact is it may not happen in your lifetime. Here are some things you can control immediately. Do them all or select one to start with and then add another...and another...and another... soon you will be leading a happier and healthier life.

Visit the Dr. Susan Love's website to educate yourself regarding breast cancer, treatment and most importantly prevention.
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PROVEN CANCER FIGHTERS: Flax Seed Oil and Green Tea.

Flax seed oil is available in a bottle or capsule. Unlike Fish Oil it is mild in taste and no burps later. You can buy it at your local grocery store.

Green Tea is available in pill form or in tea leaves. If you don't like hot tea, brew it for iced tea sweetened with honey.
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EXERCISE: This could be your best defense - get on the offensive - get out there and start moving, break a sweat, and work those lungs. This is the important part - you must do this for one hour.....yes, one hour to receive the full benefit of your body fighting any free radicals that are floating around. We all have cancer cells in our bodies and they are usually killed off by your immune system. What benefits the immune system??? EXERCISE. Don't wait, get out there today, join a class, take a brisk walk, move it or loose it. Remember your body is fueled by not only food but oxygen - get those lungs pumping fuel to your bodies.
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STRESS: We all know it's bad for us, but diet and exercise will definitely help in stressful times of our lives. Meditate, embrace nature, just say NO, and get some much needed rest. Give up your overachiever ways and be selective how you expend your limited resources.

DIET: Avoid hydrogenated anything, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners. Those three things will greatly improve the way you feel. You will have more energy, think more clearly and feel great after you go through withdrawal that is.... don't worry it doesn't last long, just about a week. It's worth it...

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables everyday. Take a healthy snack like nuts, apples, carrots, etc. along for snacking during the day instead of that cookie, candy bar, or bag of chips.

Stop eating fast food....

My favorite story is from a Physical Therapist I know that attended a nutritional seminar and at the end the Physician pulled out a tray with a McDonald's Happy Meal on it and asked the attendees to guess how old the meal was. Attendees guessed several days up to one week. You could have heard a pin drop when they were told that it was two years old. Real food decomposes, the Happy Meal did not because it isn't real food. Haven't you found those french fries in your back seat of your car? Didn't they still look like a french fry? Try this experiment'll be amazed and horrified that this is what our kids have been eating.

Eating a primarily plant based diet will decrease your chances by 70%!
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ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: This is a tough one - don't drink alcohol. It works against you in avoiding cancer - it's what your oncologist will tell you to never do if you want to avoid reoccurance or secondary cancers. Even moderate drinking triples your chances of getting breast cancer.

WATER: Stay hydrated - get a water filtering pitcher and fill it up. Drink 8 glasses of water each day. One every two hours throughout the day will get you there.

CAFFEINE: Limit the amount of caffeine each day. Switch to decaf for iced tea, sodas, and coffee. Cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment...

ONE IN EVERY THREE WOMEN WILL GET BREAST CANCER IN HER LIFETIME. That's a hard statistic to get your head around, but it's a fact. To change this statistic, girls we have to change the way we are living our daily lives so that we can prevent cancer before it happens.

Your health is up to you, every decision you make changes your life.


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Wonderful post. Thank you. Everyone should read it.

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

thanks for this post. I think of you everyday. Now, I need to go buy some flax seed oil. I tried fish and garlic caps- too much tummy irritation. My cousin is a trainer, and she said this oil is also good for dry skin/eczema- something about the amino acids. I'm game! The caffiene and stress ones are out right now, but hopefully over soon!