August 2, 2009

You Are Your Own Master

Everything, absolutely everything we think, say or do makes a difference.  This is a joyously liberating message because every moment we are presented with the possibility of changing the future.  We change, and our future changes, too.
- Lama Surya Das

I have been enjoying the book, Awakening the Buddha Within by Lama Surya Das over the weekend.  Whenever I tackle a challenging work like this I like to keep a small journal for notes, thoughts, ideas and insights.  I carry it with me and refer back to my notes to fully absorb the meaning of the passages.  

Some of my favorite quotes from the book:

As the shadow follows the body, 
as we think , so we become.
- Buddha

Lighten up and find joy in what needs to be done. 

Think kindly; speak gently and clearly.

Words can be gifts, words can be weapons, words can be magic; words can be prayer, poetry or song.

Begin to live in the present moment, with whoever is with you and no one else.  This very moment is sufficient, perfect and complete.  Enjoy and appreciate what is before your eyes, and all will be revealed- fresh radiant as the dawn, as at the very dawn of creation.

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Stasia said...

Thanks for that. I've had that book on my shelf for... far too long. Just took it off and will take a peek.

Love your specs, too! :)