May 4, 2009

Steve Hess Creations

I have been an avid fan of Steve Hess' work for years and have quite a collection of his garden art scattered throughout my gardens.  I love these garden angels dancing through my daylilies they seem to be chasing one another.  

Steve is an art educator, passionate gardener and sculptor living in the Kansas City area.  His work is in cement and handmade paper and his products and gardens have appeared in Better Homes and Gardens, PBS and HGTV.
Alot of his garden stakes are cast concrete on a rebar stake allowing the figures to be raised and lowered according to plant height and location.  

Steve has an annual show in his private gardens at his home in Overland Park on Memorial Day weekend - it's a must for anyone who appreciates gardening and garden art.  Visit his website link above for the exact dates and address of the event.  If you haven't attended - well, you are in for a treat.  His shows are rain or shine. 

This cat plaque reminds me of mosaics and I love the different textures Steve created in this piece especially the fish shape surrounding the eye of the kitty.  This plaque graces the front entrance into my home and is in honor of Moochie, my long lost kitty.

One of the things about Steve that has always inspired me as an artist is his dedication to being prolific.  He creates art everyday - diligently.  I have tried to follow his lead as I believe it is another reason for his success - the first of course is TALENT!

Being a dog lover, I had to have the Dog Angel for my garden - it is a stepping stone that is solid, heavy and durable.  Keep in mind that I have had these stepping stones for years and they are still in immaculate condition.
A Sunflower stepping stone in honor of my home state Kansas.
One of my very favorites - Chocolate Bunnies holding a carrot between them.  This is a wall plaque and usually graces my wooden fence in the garden.
A Star plaque with botanical shapes showcases Steve's whimsical nature in his designs.
Another Garden Angel on rebar stakes - this one welcomes visitors to my flower garden.

I love these birds on a long rebar stake that can serve as hose guards or to deter my terriers from newly planted annuals.
Another Garden Angel plaque or stepping stone.
Hope plaque for my garden fence.
This guy reminds me of an eskimo, but he brightens up my daylilies until they begin to bloom later in the Summer.
Bee Hive stepping stone with skep, honeybees, and potted plants on a little wooden bench.
Bird in a Teacup garden stake on rebar.
This Peace To You garden stake is at the front steps leading into my home.  I can't wait to see Steve's latest creations for this year at his show on Memorial Day.

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