April 29, 2009

Collage Papers - Vintage

Vintage letters, journals and envelopes are great for mixed media work. They are perfect for soldered charms, backgrounds for found objects, decoupage and paper cut outs - the options are endless. Here are some for you to try...
Try printing the vintage papers on transluscent papers, fabric, transparency and vellum.

Stamps are especially intersting in mixed media projects - so are the postmarks.
For the exotic try a foreign language to give the work a little something special.

Use butterfly wings for fairy wings for a photo copied image of your great grandmother as a child. What a great ornament to hang from doorknobs or small hooks.

Sandwich the papers between glass or in the back of a tiny box filled with treasures from the shore.

Botanicals can also be used for interesting fairy wings for your pet - such a cute thank you note can be made this way.

Use the papers as a background for your paintings allowing the text and colors bleed through for added interest.
Cut outinchies and decoupage an old doll found at an estate sale.

Print these vintage papers out and cut out birds, butterflies, and honeybees - or just a simple heart.

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Lee W - The Way I See It said...

thanks for sharing. I tired to buy some old stuff at a store today, but it wasn't for sale! boo hiss!