March 31, 2009

Never Satisfied Blues

Okay.....I really have to put Tammy's book in the mail to Vesna in Ohio.  I could continue dabbling on this Lyrical Interpretation Altered Book of Tammy's indefinitely.  But, I really need to send the book off to the next artist to continue the "story".  sigh.
I wasn't completely happy with my weeping bird, so it has been replaced with a blackbird with music in it's wings.  I also added the moon that the blackbird seems to be gazing at longingly.  Maybe dreaming of what could be or would have been.....
The two page spread with bright blue handcrafted paper and a bit of a poem by Robert Frost:


To what new fates, my country, far
And unforeseen, of fore or friend, 
Beneath what unexpected star
Compelled to what unchosen end

On the vellum envelope I added a butterfly and honeybee stencil and a soldered charm of a long ago flight...
A vintage 4 cent stamp with an eagle in flight with the word, "GO".
Another view of the stenciled butterfly on the vellum envelope to hold Tammy's found treasures for her altered book.
I switched out the previous vintage photo for this one of a young woman with her hand on door handle of the car - she is ready to go....  
This poem snippet is from an old poetry book found at an estate sale - underlined by a student long ago.
A closer view of the woman with the sensible shoes....
Another view of the bird rising in flight - I added blue polka dots for interest and to reflect the blue of the sky.
Another view of the accompanying page...  I added the vintage button and ribbons to the lace.
A little girl in sepia for the artist sign in page....

Tammy your book will be placed in the mail tomorrow - thank you for the adventure...

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