January 16, 2009

Garden District - New Orleans, Louisiana

On a recent trip to New Orleans, I enjoyed lovely weather in the 60's - the locals were complaining about how unseasonaly cool it was for this time of year.  I thought it was divine as it was 19 degrees in Kansas City while I was gone.
Camillias were in bloom in shades of white, pink, and red - one of my very favorite flowers that unfortunately we cannot grow here in the Midwest due to our cold Winters.  Some of the camillias were over 6 feet tall and covered in blossoms.

Azaelas, roses, lantana, honeysuckle, alyssium, camillias - yummy.
Trees in bloom -  it was our April in the Midwest in January down South.  It was so nice to see new Spring blooms in the middle of Winter.   

The architecture and metal work on the fencing and gates were spectacular - craftsmanship you rarely have the pleasure to see today.   I have always been fascinated with ironwork and have entertained the thoughts of a blacksmithing class.  
Gas lanterns were in flame everywhere.....so charming and romantic.
Hedges, iron fences, white pickets, gas lanterns, sago palms, french style windows and shutters and blooms, blooms, blooms everywhere.
A variegated camillia in red and marbled with white.  A wonderful specimen 8 feet tall and loaded with blossoms.  What a treat!
You can't go wrong with a pure white blossom - you should see them at night - they glow.
So inviting, the homes were majestic.  Wealthy southerners moved to the Garden District from the French Quarter in the 1800's - long ago and built beautiful southern mansions for us Midwesterners to walk past and enjoy.  

I had alot of fun in the Garden District, after my stroll I found the Garden District Needlecraft Shop - the girls were so friendly and wonderful.  I purchased the most wonderful yarn for knitted socks.  

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