December 2, 2008

Cleo Mussi - Mosaic Artist Extraordinaire

I adore Cleo Mussi, the most fantastic mosaic artist I have ever seen and that is saying alot due to visiting Barcelona, Spain and seeing the Gaudi mosaic work there.

I love her sense of color combinations the stark white in her work that contrasts so well with the bright hues of her creations. Whimsical, detailed, complicated yet seeming simplistic in style all appeal to my eye. I find her work fascinating and could gaze at it for hours.

Wonderful collage pieces combining cups, shakers, porcelain figurines into a wonderful sculpture with presence.

Visit Cleo's website - at - to see more of her wonderful work.

My favorite pieces are the faces she creates - usually whites and ivory glass with brightly colored frames.

Another photo of Cleo - surrounded by her work.
Now the eye candy - be prepared to be swept way with Cleo's brilliance.....

Aren't her creations magical? Please visit Cleo's website - she's marvelous!

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