September 30, 2008

Woven Copper Bird Inside Glass Ornament

Royal Bird Sculpture in Ornament Globe - $28.00

Royal Bird woven in copper wire perches on a branch inside a clear glass ornament with a tiny golden crown is so beautiful you will want to display her all year.  Tiny glass beads sparkle in the bottom of the ball like tiny diamonds.
These glass ornaments with tiny woven bird's inside is just one of the handcrafted ornaments that will be available this Holiday Season at the shoppe.  There will be a limited number of these available as I limited time available to make them while running the store.  If you LOVE this - you might want to make your reservations for them.
The glass ball suspended from chain dangling from a silver ornament stand is just one of the ways you can display them at your desk, on an end table, or you can suspend them in a window.

This tiny bird is so 'tweet' don't you think?  
Bird's Nest Inside Glass Globe - $24.00

A tiny copper nest on a branch with genuine pearl eggs nestled inside on a tiny branch inside another glass ornament.  

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