September 28, 2008

Walk Quietly Among The Trees Necklace

Walk Quietly Among The Trees - good advice and so good for the soul.

I had the opportunity to walk through Muir Woods in California while on vacation. It reminded me of a cathedral. Such a spiritual place - so quiet and so peaceful. It seemed like holy ground for me.
This photo of Muir Woods is from a wonderful blog called If Sew - visit for more photos and other great goodies.

I have always had a fascination with trees, climbing them when I was young, collecting leaves, acorns, nuts and bare limbs for vases. If you too, have a fascination for trees visit this magical place. If there be faeries - they live in Muir Woods. the last primordial redwood forest.

This necklace was made in honor of Muir Woods with a tiny little sparrow dangling from the tag.
I added genuine turquoise and a faceted gemstone in peach attached to a vintage chain.
On the backside to the tag is a vintage pair of children's shoes with one tiny rhinestone in pale blue.

This necklace is available for purchase in my Online Store.

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