August 1, 2008

Vintage Bottle Chandelier

I finished the vintage bottle chandelier after visiting a few more antique shops in search of more cobalt blue bottles, amber and frosty shades of blue. It took a few stops, but I found the perfect bottles and wire them up. After alot of fussing with positioning I was satisfied with the results.
I kept going into the room to look at the chandelier as the light chaged throughout the day and it was beautiful when the sun was in the east, and beautiful in the full sun of afternoon.
When my Mom came over for dinner she looked at the chandelier and proclaimed that she would have never thought of adding bottles to a chandelier and that I needed a few more cobalt blue bottles as they were her favorite. That means she liked it!

My nephew, Caleb who is four asked why I had bottles hanging from the light fixture. I told him it was because I like them and they made me happy. He looked at the chandelier and then at me and said, "Okay. Can we go see the tire swing now?"

He always makes me giggle.

1 comment:

ShabbyChicShaz said...

I just love your chandelier, it would always make me smile :) I might have to squirrel this idea away and start collecting bottles :)