August 18, 2008

My Relationship With Mary

I have been working on this piece of statuary for over a year now. I am in no hurry to finish my mosaic statue of Saint Mary. I enjoy the time I spend with her. I suppose I will miss the quiet moments as I add each tiny piece of vintage glass. It's peaceful and it gives me a sense of well being as I cut the glass pieces to fit together and glue them in place.

I went to great lengths searching for just the right color of blue glass for her gown. I knew the exact shade I wanted and I finally found the glass in the form of a tea set from occupied Japan. I knew it was perfect when I found it on a dusty shelf in an antique shop. It was apparent that it had been sitting there for a long time and was covered in grime to prove it. I like to think that it was just waiting all those years for me to find it and give it a second life as the gown for Saint Mary. The pearlescent blue glass was the perfect compliment to the veil that is composed of fragments of gold filigree trim from souvenir plates and vintage china. I used large pieces so that the reflection of light would showcase their intricate patterns.I plan to leave her face, hands and feet unadorned as it will give them importance once the entire statue is grouted. They seem perfect the way they are in their simplicity.
I still haven't found the glass pieces for the base of the statue. It needs to blend with the glass used in the rest of the statue so that the piece is unified as a whole. Again, I am in no hurry to finish the mosaic statue as I treasure my time with Mary.

The snake coiled at her feet is done in emerald green, and gold metallic pieces. I will insert a amber glass bead for the eye once I begin the grouting process.

I keep considering adding vintage porcelain flowers from Italian pottery to the base, but I want the piece to endure being moved over the years and the flowers are sure to be broken due to their delicate composition. The idea still intrigues me and I may add a few anyway. It would give the base a "garden" appearance. Possibly roses.....

While spending time with Mary, I often think of the women I have been blessed to know - my Great Grandmother Alice, her sister Aunt Nora, my Grandmother Pearl, Grandma Hannah Mae, Aunt Jessie - my own mother and countless women that have touched my life over the years. Now I am blessed once again with the women that visit Gardenology. They are unaware of how they touch my life in significant ways with their kindness, understanding, playfulness, and the gift of their friendship they share.

It is heartwarming when women come into the shop and go to such lengths to find the perfect gift for a friend that needs cheering up due to illness, the loss of a pet, a death in the family, or in celebration of a birthday, or other happy event.

It is so important to them to find something personal and special for their friend. How fortunate to be reminded daily by these women who are so wise. They understand how to comfort, heal, bring joy, soothe, laugh, and live a meaningful life.

While I add the cut glass pieces for Mary, my heart is full.

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