August 14, 2008

Farm Visit Sunflowers

The sunflowers I planted at the farm have bloomed - finally. I was beginning to wonder if I had planted them too late in the Spring and that the weeds had prevented them from getting the sunshine that they needed when they were small. But, on our last visit to the farm they were just beginning to bloom.

For those of you that are unsure what poison ivy looks like - here it is. Dreadful stuff and the more often you get an allergic reaction the worse it gets! It is a perennial vine with three leaves - leaves of three let it be - as the old saying goes. It is a harmless looking plant that can look like harmless weeds along walking trails in the city. I made the mistake of letting Angus, my rat terrier sniff around in if while on one of our walks on the trails around Lenexa.

Later, when he jumped up on my lap I got a horrible rash on both legs from the sap on his paws. Dogs aren't allergic to it so he was unharmed, but I had to wear pants for two weeks until my rash disappeared and it was August! So, get to know what poison ivy looks like so you can stay away from the nasty stuff.

This is the mosaic birdbath that Marcy Lally made that is now in my farmhouse with a glass top, turning it into a lovely table. Doesn't it look great combined with my vintage twig chair?
I found this little vintage dish and cross in one of my antique foraging trips. The colors work so well with the color of the mosaic pieces in the birdbath. I couldn't bear to put the birdbath outside in the weather even though Marcy assured me that it would be fine. It's too wonderful to be cast out in the garden - it belonged inside where I could sit with it and admire Marcy's skill.
My new vintage porch swing that is in the Arts & Crafts style. The swing is made of oak and was painted dark green at one time, you can still see faint remanents of the paint here and there on the surface of the wood. It's a small swing - only 40 inches wide but, oh so comfortable. Now I can sit in my oak swing in the afternoon and my lilac swing in the morning.
Another magnificent sunset at the end of a peaceful day at the farm. Blessings from above.

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Artsy-Craftsy Merchant said...

Loved the photos! But the birdbath is great!!!!!