February 25, 2008

Dinosaur Plant or Resurrection Plant ?

This prehistoric plant from the fern family used to grow as large as a modern house during the prehistoric age. After the Ice Age however, this fern had to mutate and became very small. The little fern developed the ability to ball up into a "tumbleweed" like shape and become dormant as it rolled around in the wind until it landed in a puddle. The plant would then open up and become flat. The little fern would grow quickly within a day to soak up the sunshine and water before the puddle would evaporate. Once the puddle evaporated the little fern would curl back up go into the dormancy phase once again and roll off to the next puddle.

This little fern can remain dormant for up to 50 years if necessary before encountering water again.

One of the most fascinating plants as it leaves dormancy so quickly opens and turns green within one day. After allowing the plant to live for a few weeks the plant can be allowed to dry into the dormant ball stage again. Store the little plant away in a cool dry place and it will again come out of dormancy when placed in water.

This plant is called the dinosaur plant because it is a prehistoric plant. It is also referred to as the resurrection plant due to its ability to "come back to life" again and again.

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