October 6, 2007


This is Molly letting me know that I have spent enough time with my laptop for the night.

Molly, is a Jack Russell terrior and if she could stick her tongue out at me she would, that's why I love this photo. She's that kind of girl. Usually she is a sweet and very affectionate. Allowing me to hold her any way I like - on her back, like a baby, or a sack of potatoes. She doesn't care as long as she is next to me.

Molly joined our family several years ago, a rescue from Animal Haven in Shawnee. We were her third home that Animal Haven could tell us about. She had just weined her puppies and was up for adoption again. One eye was swollen and didn't look very good and she was overweight and out of shape. She looked rough.

Once out of the cage, she was on my lap and leaning into me with happiness. We have been buddies ever since that first day. I think I am the only one in the family that "gets" Molly's personality. I know what she is thinking by the look on her face, and the way she holds her ears. She follows from room to room my furry shadow always wagging her stumpy little tail whenever I look into her eyes and smile.

Molly had been in homes that weren't prepared for the energy and ferocity of a Jack Russell terrior. It was obvious she had had a run in with an ironing board, had been hit with newspapers, and would be terrified if she saw either one. She would snarl and try to nip if you tried to touch her feet. More than a little on the bitchy side. After three years and alot of love, Molly will let you do whatever you want to her feet and you can even read the newspaper with her close by, but the ironing board is still another story.

Jack Russell's are great mousers. I do not have a problem with chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits or snakes in my garden. Molly has killed a variety of small animals and is single minded in pursuit. If you don't watch her closely she will even sneak one of her kills into the house. We found a dead snake in front of the couch once. Molly's domain is in the fenced in portion of my yard. All other areas are plagued with all of these creatures and my plants show the wear and tear. So, I only plant my best specimens in Molly's territory where I know they will be safe.

She accompanies me into the garden and stays with me until I go back into the house. Sometimes she will dig along side me while I plant, lies under a plant for shade and dozes, drops her ball into the hole I just finished digging for a plant or catches dirt clumps and weeds that I throw into piles.

I would recommend Jack Russells to anyone who can provide lots of exercise, a fair sized fenced yard to run in and no small children. They like other dogs but not always cats. I think if the cat was there first and a puppy was allowed to grow up with them they would get along well. This breed needs LOTS of exercise to be calm, toys to play with and lots of rawhide chewbies to gnaw on. This will save your shoes, furniture, carpet, wood trim, etc. Otherwise, you will be in trouble and the dog will be too. With these things encorporated into each day they are self entertaining and good companions.

Be prepared for tenacity, stubborness and loads of playfulness. These dogs have a hard time accepting - NO. Molly continued to pester me while I attempted to finish a blog posting to the point of climbing on top of the laptop. I find her persistence amusing and it always makes me laugh. She is quite a girl.

It's not surprising why so many families brought their little dogs when them from Europe when colonizing in America. An old breed, and very useful to have around the home and garden.

If you are considering adding a dog to your family. Research the breed that best fits your family and home. Go to your local shelters and see if they might have the breed you are seeking. Keep in mind that the dog may not be in top condition and an older dog can be just the ticket as they are often house trained. Most shelters have websites featuring photos of dogs they currently have but, the listings are not always current.

When searching for Molly, I visited the shelter in Lawrence, a dog pound in Olathe, Animal Haven and Wayside Waifs. It's hard to "pass" on some adoreable dogs, but be strong this is no time to settle. Be patient, keep searching, and you will find the perfect companion that will offer laughter, comfort, affection and unconditional love. Your "Molly" dog.

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