July 24, 2007

Karen Jacks - Assemblages

As an artist, Karen has been specializing in a form of sculptural work called "Assemblages" for many years, as well as being a freelance graphic designer. Assemblages are 3-dimensional arrangements of items such as wood, metal, paper, ceramics/castings, fabric, etc., and by nature have a recycling aspect that Karen is really drawn to.

I fell in love with her work in an instant - no hesitation or thought. I had an immediate reaction to her work. It is complex and multi layered. Art for the thinking person. Karen's work would be a great conversation piece for the office and would provide something to tease the eye away from the dreaded computer flat screen. Girls, this would be a great Christmas gift for the man in your life's office!

Karen's work expresses her love of antiques, science, mathematics, & metaphors. Often she designs work that reflects the passage of time, either literally by incorporating a clock, or by the reference to a somewhat magical passage of time thru a history theme.

Her deep love and sense of wonder for the Kansas State Motto - "Ad Astra Per Aspera" - translating as "To the stars with difficulty" or "....by hard ways....". Karen feels that this state motto is by far the most mystical and intriguing which leads her to think of it quite literally and because of this fascination this charming bit of Kansas legacy will often find its way into her creations.

Karen has exhibited her assemblage work since 1995 in solo, group, and juried shows, including regional fine art events. She earned her BFA in Design & Illustration from the Kansas City Art Institute (1980).

Karen's assemblages are highly collectible and would fit well in a home or office environment. If you are seeking a truly one of a kind gift for that hard to buy for person - this is it! We currently have only two of Karen's assemblages in the shop as her other work is tied up at the gallery for a show. Once the show has closed we will be gaining a few more pieces.

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