June 27, 2007

Gypsy Garden Sign

Thursday, July 19th beginning at 10:30am until approx. 1:30pm
Saturday, July 21st beginning at 10:30am until approx. 1:30pm

A lunch break will be given to allow drying time for the project.

Workshop Fee: $55.00

Express yourself in this creative workshop where found objects come together to create a unique gypsy garden sign. The handcrafted wooden arrow provided by Gardenology will point the way towards new creative destinations. Wooden letters will be provided to personalize your sign. Think in terms of GARDEN, PARTY, WELCOME, or a CHILD'S NAME...

Some bottle caps will be provided but to make it more personalized it's best to start collecting your own now. This is a messy class, wear latex or rubber gloves to protect your hands and nails.

Again, this is a clean out your desk drawer kind of workshop, bring your bobbles and bangles and beads...

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