February 20, 2008

Vintage post cards are so much fun. I love this one featuring the lily, tulips, a church in the background, and a very serious chick and bunny. Don't they look earnest?

The chick is holding a pussy willow branch a harbinger of Spring and a mainstay for todays Spring floral arrangements. Marcy and Rebecca (florists) love pussy willow branches and have thousands of ideas (literally) for their uses in floral arrangements. The only other mainstay more useful than pussy willow branches - curly willow.
I MUST plant both of these in my garden. I have the perfect mushy area that stays wet almost constantly in my lawn and that is the perfect place for curly willow.
I will need to do a little research on the pussy willow to find the perfect location. But, in they both must go as the girls swear by them.

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